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Top 1 in Global Market Share, TPU TAPE with Highest Quality

As a main product of JCA, it is recording as top 1 in global market
share and it provides experience of highest quality.

Verified quality by world’s famous brands

Quality of JCA’s TPU TAPE has been verified, selected and used by world’s famous brands
such as Target, GAP, H&M and Zara.

Distinctive in Elasticity and Durability

JCA provides product with distinctive elasticity, durability, stability compare to other company.

Clear Brand Logo, effective advertisement

By printing variety of designs and vivid colors on TPU TAPE upon customer’s request,
it provides better brand image through effective advertisement.

Unique technology only in JCA – Both side embossing

Both sided embossing tape does not cause feeling of difference
when wearer’s skin has touched and it provides better usability for garment production.

High Transparency for all colors

There is no need for dyeing to match color like cotton tape
because of its high transparency

Difference of Film cutting and individual extruding method

If film has been cut in to sizes, it will add discomfort because of its sharp edge,
however, the individual extruding method has smooth edges and therefore provides improved wearability to wearer.

Best Usability

Through innovative crease preventing technique and variety of suitable packaging methods
for customers’ convenience, it is possible to experience best usability.

Certified OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 by global official test lab

It has been tested and verified by TESTEX (recognized Certification Authority in clothing industry)
that harmful substance such as AZO Chemicals, heavy mental are absent and therefore safe for human body.